Who is dating princeton from mindless behavior

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According to Boombox, the messages that Versace and Perez shared were “intense and scathing.” In those messages, Versace outed Perez, which caused social media to light up.

Here is what you need to know: Both guys suspended their respective Twitter accounts after their feud erupted.

Vine star Jay Versace and Mindless Behavior member Princeton Perez are in the midst of a major feud.

Versace was tired of being “harassed” by Perez, so he took to social media to share some of the messages that the two had exchanged privately.

Also crowned “the princes of social media” by , Mindless Behavior have now sold more than 845,000 singles and nabbed over 156 million views on You Tube.

Continuing their triumph, Mindless Behavior kicked off the new year by performing at the Kids’ Inaugural Concert in Washington, D.

CEO Walter Millsap, Streamline Records head Vincent Herbert (Lady Gaga), manager Keisha Gamble, songwriter Candice Nelson (Mary J.

So when it came time to create their follow-up to Top 200 chart), Mindless Behavior ditched the standard approach to album-making and started recording songs while still out on the road.

For Mindless Behavior, that seamless fusion of sweetness and swagger owes largely to the group’s uncommon chemistry.

Formed in 2008, Mindless Behavior was assembled by Conjunction Entertainment Inc.

A key element of the Mindless lifestyle, that self-celebration is also infused into every track on .

“Our message is a huge part of our music—you can hear it in everything we put out,” says Ray Ray.

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