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Advanced courses instruct you how to modify and enhance classical formulas in response to specific signs and symptoms in a patient’s diagnosed condition.Herbal medicine has formed the cornerstone of East Asian medicine for thousands of years and is one of the foundational educational blocks in modern TCM and East Asian medicine school curricula.Our goal is for our graduates to have a good working knowledge of a core group of herbs and formulas to the extent that they can begin practicing herbology at a safe and effective level.Our curriculum follows and covers the requirements for licensure exams and goes beyond the basic requirements.The modern scientific explanation for acupuncture is largely based on research that examines brain activity pre and post acupuncture treatment.

means that vital energy (called Chi or Qi in Asian culture) is the foundation of life and health: it is the life energy animating our physical body.The pre-packaged sterile needles are so thin that insertion usually cannot be felt.Most patients report their acupuncture treatments to be extremely relaxing, and many even fall asleep.An immense amount of research has been done in both Asia and the West validating the efficacy and merit of Herbal medicine.We understand and believe research to be an integral part of the growth of Herbal medicine in the west.

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