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Prevention magazine recently listed the event as one of the top five things to do in the nation in February.

Amy Baglan, of Denver, founded Yoga Dates initially as a way to bring singles together in a more conscious environment, she says.

She says all of her couples events quickly sell out.

"You put your hands where your heart is," she says.

"It's weird because yoga is all about union and connection, but when people go to classes, they have their blinders on," Baglan says. After class, participants can "kick back, hang out and have a glass of wine or coconut water and have some snacks," Baglan says.

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RLC’s current emphasis focuses on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) young adults and Allies because these individuals make up the largest demographic of at risk youth.

In honor of Valentine's, Yoga Dates is holding a couple's partner yoga event in Boulder on Friday -- a day after the actual day.

Partner yoga is similar to traditional yoga, but uses a partner to help deepen the stretches, build balance and support each other to maintain body alignment. "Experience how expressing love and compassion through non-verbal communication can be simple, honest and incredibly bonding," says a promotional flier.

"You're going to be exploring it with other people, which not only involves the physical practice, but also involves how to be sensitive to each other, kind to each other and sensing each other's feelings without talking too much." Visit for a list of more upcoming events.

If you go What: Valentine's Couples Yoga: Intuition and Touch, organized by Yoga Dates When: - p.m.

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