Sexual teenage chat site

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Even as lawmakers attempt to craft legislation to clamp down on Internet sites featuring preteen and teen “models,” authorities are using laws already on the books to prosecute operators of three such sites who allegedly possessed — and may have been selling — sexually explicit material featuring minors.

All three cases involve operators of “model” sites who crossed the legal line, either by possessing child pornography — a violation of federal law — or photos or videos showing underage girls in various states of undress that ran afoul of state laws against sexual exploitation of children, according to authorities.

In the meantime, the couple’s four children have temporarily been placed in the custody of a grandparent pending the outcome of the trial.

CHILD PORN CHARGES LEVELED In March, a federal grand jury in Missouri indicted Gary Lee Smith, 35, on federal child pornography charges.

Grayson Robinson, the undersheriff of Arapahoe County, who was involved in the April 5 raid on Grady’s businesses, told that the photos featured both “full nudity …

I don’t think there’s a federal solution to that problem.” Foley responded that the bill “will meet constitutional muster.” “We don’t make laws that we think will be shot down,” he said.

“Unlike these website operators, our motives are pure.” The unwanted attention from law enforcement and legislators has prompted at least a handful of operators to shut down their sites or eliminate all photos of underage “models” until the legal landscape is more certain.

“The thing that makes me sad is that there are a lot of children that are being exploited - kids who are being beaten to death, sexually abused - and those issues are being ignored.” Leiber added that he is not exploiting the 13-year-old girl featured in “hundreds of photos” and video clips available on the site for those willing to pay .95 a month. But Mariana Dunn, who has engaged in an undercover crusade over the past eight months to document the excesses of individual “model” sites, said her experience indicates that the sites are “as addictive, as haunting, as mesmerizing, and just as ...

“She’s trying to get noticed so she can model for J. harmful to the children involved as the hard-core (child pornography sites).” And she said that she fears the problem will grow exponentially if lawmakers don’t crack down hard.

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