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Called Eros-3D, it will be devoted exclusively to sexual interactions.All of the content will be designed by professionals to be as user-friendly as possible, as opposed to the frequently haphazard homemade animations and outfits that fill Second Life.The problem with the market as it stands is that worlds such as Second Life are simply too complex and absurd-seeming for the beginner to easily navigate, and that stops businesses such as Alderman's getting into the big time.How many people, for instance, are willing to tolerate the system crashes that will inevitably interfere with the occasional romantic tryst?

But now he and his fellow cybersex merchants are looking for the next big thing.The two of us ran through the various options, weighing up the pros and cons of each. "As an entry level attachment, the BV-3D is one of the easiest to operate," store owner Stroker Serpentine told me approvingly when I later consulted him about my purchase, although he also noted that the L,500 Paragon was the only choice for the real aficionado.Lionheart generously donated a couple of old phalluses of his own that he no longer had a use for; but, for his money, the smart Second-Lifer couldn't go wrong with the BV-3D, for just 1,000 Linden dollars (L$) – about £2.70 at current exchange rates – the best-value genitalia in all of gamespace. It will do you better than that stick I gave you," said Lionheart. Serpentine, whose real-world alter ego is Kevin Alderman, is arguably Second Life's most prominent cybersex mogul.He frequently finds himself in scrapes with tigers, whose barbed penises cause him no end of imaginary agony – and delight. "Are there really voraphiles, people who like being eaten, in the real world?("Mine is canine," he says: "I wouldn't know what a meerkat penis looks like.") Now he keeps an eye-popping and exhaustive list of his preferred activities online. But online you could be a hammer and have sex with a desk if you wanted.

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