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For example: cool or warm, cross processed or natural, contrasted or soft. The presets that allow fine-tuning of a photo without altering the style, and without the use of Lightroom editing tools. When I returned from a driving trip to Atlantic Canada, I brought back over a thousand new photos.After selecting around 10 keepers, I wanted to edit them using a similar style, and then publish them as the Atlantic Series on my travel photography blog.The inspiration for my new culling strategy was from the book, The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller. My first goal, after importing new photos to Lightroom, is now to remove all the bad shots, the ones that can never be used (out of focus photos, for example).It states that in order to be 100% efficient you should concentrate on only one thing at a time. I quickly go through all my photos and use the keyboard shortcut “X” to flag all rejected shots.This allows me to have access to all my photos through Lightroom Mobile on my tablet.I also rename all the images using my renaming template.Lightroom Rapid Editing allows me to overcome the limitation of the presets, such as when any given preset produces a very different result depending on the level of exposure, lighting conditions, shadows and the dynamic range of the scene.With this two-level approach, I am able to compensate for various lighting conditions without touching the main Lightroom editing tool. The presets that define the “LOOK” and style of the photograph.

Lightroom has multiple organizational features for culling that can, to be honest, be overwhelming at times.A few years ago, just as I returned with 5,000 brand new photos from a driving trip to California, Utah and Nevada, I realized that I needed a completely new editing workflow.Two months later, I was not even close to being done with editing.Once again, I only concentrate on a single task as I am not trying to grade picked photos or set star value.This approach allows me to identify the keepers at an incredible and efficient speed. The development of a new Lightroom editing approach was triggered by the realization that 80-90% of the edits I perform in Lightroom are identical for every edited image, and only 10-20% contributes to the uniqueness of any given photograph.

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