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I think we all bleed the same color blood and we all have lots to be proud of – straight, gay, black, white, Jewish, Christian -- and everyone is really no different from the next person.SDGLN: Two of the three stars of the show have come out.Celebrity real estate agent Josh Flagg has the world by the string, with “Million Dollar Listing” being a big hit on Bravo TV, and his memoirs being published later this month.Flagg will reveal that he is gay on Tuesday’s episode of “Million Dollar Listing,” which may shock many viewers because he has kept his personal life so private, and announce that he has a boyfriend.My biggest concern is that my mouth isn’t lined up.My teeth are off an eighth of an inch, so when I bite down it’s not even a normal bite.” The injury even took a drastic toll on this openly gay realtor’s social life.On Flagg's Facebook page, he lists their anniversary date as Oct. San Diego Gay & Lesbian News asked Flagg about the hit reality-TV show, his love life and his plans for the future, and wondered why a 25-year-old hot shot Jewish boy was already writing his memoirs (“Million Dollar Agent”).SDGLN: When did you know you were gay, and who was the first person you shared that news with?

For instance, you reflect on your life and as a child you do things that are atypical.We do some business together and we get along real well. You think you were the only one in the family who liked men ... Why should we buy your book, “Million Dollar Agent”? Josh: Well, since my personal life is now part of the show, it opens a lot more things to the cameras that we could not reveal before, now my personal life is out there!I have nothing bad to say about Josh Altman whatsoever. Josh: Well after I wrote my grandmother’s biography, which if I may add, if you are a Bravo fan or a fan of my grandmother, is an amazing story or an amazing gift for someone, she inspired me to write my own memoirs. SDGLN: What is the biggest misconception the public has about you?I just like to do things a little more differently than other people, but what's wrong with that?SDGLN: Will there be another season of “Million Dollar Listing,” or is this the final one?

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