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An ill or injured animal shall be treated with proper veterinary care or euthanized;3.

Provide quarantine for dogs and cats presented to the shelter when quarantine by the owner is not feasible or desirable, the cost of quarantine to be borne by the animal owner at the shelter's regular housing costs and fees.

There shall be no liability on such person in damages or otherwise for killing, injuring from an attempt to kill, or for seizing the dog. The veterinarian who vaccinates a dog, cat, or ferret shall issue to the owner a vaccination certificate on a form approved by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. 6-17-54 258.100 Owner may recover if his dog is illegally killed--Repealed HISTORY: 1954 c 119, § 41, eff.

That same section also comprises the state's new strict liability law for dog bites. 235(4), any owner whose dog is found to have caused damage to a person, livestock, or other property shall be responsible for that damage. The vaccination certificate shall be prepared and issued in duplicate, one (1) copy to be retained by the issuing veterinarian and one (1) copy to be given to the owner of the dog, cat, or ferret vaccinated. 6-17-54; 1942 c 208, § 1; KS 68b-35 258.105 Enforcement by Commissioner of Agriculture; employment and powers of personnel--Repealed HISTORY: 2004 c 189, § 31, eff. 6-17-54 258.110 Female dog not to be at large when in heat--Repealed HISTORY: 1954 c 119, § 41, eff.

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