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Previous experience in the field of audiovisual post-production is not required for this teaching programme.

Instead, it intends to provide a complete training for the student, progressive and efficient.

Iremos a la ruta /etc/tuxbox/config y sustituiremos el archivo Oscam.server por el que hemos creado.

Through this master’s degree, the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU intends to offer its students a high training in the process of audiovisual post-production, and qualify them for a proper command of creative techniques and processes.

To achieve this goal, the master’s degree is organised in 8 modules, which define the different covered fields, each one of them with different durations according to its needs.

W|*OLD* 181001|Digi Kabel [N]|Cable|Hungarian 181201|*Americas [N]|15.0W|*OLD* 181301|*Americas [N]|15.0W|*OLD* 181811|*Mediapark (Teuve) [N]|30.0W|*OLD* 181911|*Mediapark (Teuve) [N]|30.0W|*OLD* 181D01|*Multi Choice TV Barbados [N]|Cable|*OLD* 182201|Multicanal [N]|30.0W|Portuguese 182301|Multicanal [N]|30.0W|Portuguese 182C01|SABC [N]|68.5E|English 182D01|SABC [N]|68.5E|English 183001|*ORF Digital [N]|19.2E|*OLD* 183101|*ORF Digital [N]|19.2E|*OLD* 183801|*DCG Swiss [N]|Cable|*OLD* 183901|*DCG Swiss [N]|Cable|*OLD* 183A01|Tele Club [N]|Cable|Swiss 183B01|Tele Club [N]|Cable|Swiss 183C01|*Visavision [N]|8.0W|*OLD* 183D01|*Visavision [N]|8.0W|*OLD* 184001|*Digital [N]|19.2E - 30.0W|*OLD* 184101|*Digital [N]|19.2E - 30.0W|*OLD 184201|*RTVE [N]|30.0W|*OLD* 184301|*RTVE [N]|30.0W|*OLD* 184601|Euskaltel [N]|Cable|Spanish 184701|Euskaltel [N]|Cable|Spanish 184801|*TV Cabo [N]|30.0W|*OLD* 184901|*TV Cabo [N]|30.0W|*OLD* 184A01|*TBL TV [N]|88.0E|*OLD* 184B01|*TBL TV [N]|88.0E|*OLD* 184E01|Dream TV [N]|146.0E|Philippine 184F01|Dream TV [N]|146.0E|Philippine 185401|NTL [N]|Cable|English 185501|NTL [N]|Cable|English 185601|Quiero Tv [N]|DTT|Spanish 185701|Quiero Tv [N]|DTT|Spanish 185A01|Tele West [N]|Cable|English 185B01|Tele West [N]|Cable|English 185C01|C W - NTL [N]|Cable|English 185D01|C W - NTL [N]|Cable|English 185E01|Chorus Cable [N]|Cable|English 185F01|Chorus Cable [N]|Cable|English 186801|Fantasma Cable [N]|Cable|?? 187001|*Cyfrowy Polsat [N]|13.0E|*OLD* 187101|*Cyfrowy Polsat [N]|13.0E|*OLD* 187301|Cablecom [N]|Cable|Swiss 187401|*Star Digital - Digi Fun [N]|4.0W - 42.0E|*OLD* 187501|*Star Digital - Digi Fun [N]|4.0W - 42.0E|*OLD* 188C11|*Mediaset Premium [N]|DTT|*OLD* 188D11|*Mediaset Premium [N]|DTT|*OLD* 189801|Shanghai [N]|Cable|Chinese 189901|Shanghai [N]|Cable|Chinese 18A001|OMNE UK [N]|Cable|English 18A101|OMNE UK [N]|Cable|English 18A401|Antenna Hungaria [N]|4.0W|Hungarian 18A501|Antenna Hungaria [N]|4.0W|Hungarian 18C001|*Globo TV [N]|13.0E|*OLD* 18C101|*Globo TV [N]|13.0E|*OLD* 18D001|*Cyberstar [N]|15.0W|*OLD* 18D101|*Cyberstar [N]|15.0W|*OLD* 18EE01|*B4U Movie [N]|68.5E|*OLD* 18EF01|*B4U Movie [N]|68.5E|*OLD* 1800: FFFFFF|Nagravision|Caid| 180000|*Cyfrowy Polsat - Digital [N]|13.0E - 19.2E|*OLD* 180101|Dish Network USA [N2]|61.5W - 72.7W - 77.0W - 110W - 119W - 121W|English 180401|*Premiere [N2]|19.2E|*OLD* 180501|*Premiere [N2]|19.2E|*OLD* 180901|Bell Express Vu [N2]|82.0W - 91.0W|English 180905|Bell Express Vu PB [N2]|82.0W - 91.0W|English 180906|Bell Express Vu HD [N2]|82.0W - 91.0W|English 181001|Kabel Deutschland [N2]|23.5E|German 181101|Kabel Deutschland [N2]|23.5E|German 181102|Kabel Deutschland [N2]|23.5E|German 182011|*RCS Di Gi TV [N2]|0.8W|*OLD* 182111|*RCS Di Gi TV [N2]|0.8W|*OLD* 182601|Cablecom [N2]|Cable|Swiss 182701|Cablecom [N2]|Cable|Swiss 183001|*ORF Digital [N2]|19.2E|*OLD* 183101|*ORF Digital [N2]|19.2E|*OLD* 184001|*Digital [N2]|19.2E - 30.0W|*OLD* 184101|*Digital [N2]|19.2E - 30.0W|*OLD* 184201|*Digital [N2]|19.2E - 30.0W|*OLD* 184601|Euskaltel [N2]|Cable|Spanish 184701|Euskaltel [N2]|Cable|Spanish 184801|*TV Cabo [N2]|30.0W|*OLD* 184901|*TV Cabo [N2]|30.0W|*OLD* 184A11|Mundo-R Galicia [N2]|Cable|Spanish 184B11|Mundo-R Galicia [N2]|Cable|Spanish 184E01|Dream TV [N3]|146.0E|Philippine 185601|Onda Digital [N2]|DTT|Spanish 185701|Onda Digital [N2]|DTT|Spanish 187001|*Cyfrowy Polsat [N2]|13.0E|*OLD* 187101|*Cyfrowy Polsat [N2]|13.0E|*OLD* 187201|Cablecom [N2]|Cable|Swiss 187211|Telef�ica TV [N2]|61.0W|Spanish 187301|Cablecom [N2]|Cable|Swiss 187311|Telef�ica TV [N2]|61.0W|Spanish 189401|HKC [N2]|138.0E|Chinese 189501|HKC [N2]|138.0E|Chinese 18C002|Globo TV [N2]|13.0E|Portuguese 18C101|Globo TV [N2]|13.0E|Portuguese 18C102|Globo TV [N2]|13.0E|Portuguese 180000|Via Embratel - Telef�ica TV - TV Cabo - Multicanal [N3]|70.0W - 61.0W - 30.0W|Spanish - Portuguese 184801|Zon TV Cabo [N3]|30.0W|Portuguese 184901|Zon TV Cabo [N3]|30.0W|Portuguese 182011|RCS Di Gi TV [N3]|0.8W|Romanian 182111|RCS Di Gi TV [N3]|0.8W|Romanian 188C11|*Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|*OLD* 188D11|*Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|*OLD* 180000|Cyfrowy Polsat [N3]|13.0E|Polish 187001|Cyfrowy Polsat [N3]|13.0E|Polish 187101|Cyfrowy Polsat [N3]|13.0E|Polish 188C11|Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|Italian 188D11|Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|Italian 188C11|Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|Italian 188D11|Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|Italian 180000|Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|Italian 188C11|Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|Italian 188D11|Mediaset Premium [N3]|DTT|Italian 187911|Glamour Plus [N3]|24.5W - Italian DTT|Porn 187A11|Glamour Plus [N3]|24.5W - Italian DTT|Porn 180000|Digital [N3]|19.2E - 30.0W|Spanish 184001|Digital HD [N3 Rom180]|19.2E - 30.0W|Spanish 184101|Digital [N3]|19.2E - 30.0W|Spanish 180000|Canal Sat HD [N3]|19.2E|French 183311|Canal Sat HD [N3]|19.2E|French 183315|Canal Sat HD [N3]|19.2E|French 180000|GOL Television [N2]|DTT|Spanish 186E11|GOL Television [N2]|DTT|Spanish 180000|Cyfra [N3]|13.0E|Polish 180068|Cyfra [N3]|13.0E|Polish 180000|UPC Direkt [N3]|0.8W - Cable|Hungarian 180801|Bell Express Vu [N3]|82.0W - 91.0W|English 180901|Bell Express Vu [N3]|82.0W - 91.0W|English 18B801|UPC Direkt [N3]|0.8W - Cable|Hungarian 18B901|UPC Direkt [N3]|0.8W - Cable|Hungarian 180101|Dish Network [N3]|61.5W - 72.7W - 77.0W - 110W - 119W - 121W|English 185601|*Localia [N2]|30.0W - DTT|*OLD* 185701|*Localia [N2]|30.0W - DTT|*OLD* 180000|Max TV - HD Germany [N3]|16.0E - 19.2E|Croatian - German 183404|Entavio Start [N3]|19.2E|German 183411|HD Germany [N3]|19.2E|German 183504|Entavio Start [N3]|19.2E|German 183511|Entavio Start [N3]|19.2E|German 188011|HD Germany [N3 ROM142]|19.2E|German 180000|Unity Media [N3]|Cable|German 181003|Sky Germany HD [N3]|Cable|German 181103|Sky Germany HD [N3]|Cable|German 180000|Sky Germany [N3]|19.2E|German 180000|Sky Germany - Kabel Deutschland [N3]|Cable|German 180000|Unity Media [N3]|Cable|German 180000|Blue Movie [Sky Germany] [N3]|19.2E|Porn 180000|- TOPP [N3]|19.2E - 23.5E|German 180401|Unity Media [N3 ROM142]|Cable|German 181103|Unity Media [N3 ROM142]|Cable|German 183D:000000|Tiv�Sat [N3 Tiger]|13.0E|Italian 183D:005411|Tiv�Sat [N3 Tiger]|13.0E|Italian 180001|Dish Network USA [N3]|61.5W - 72.7W - 77.0W - 110W - 119W - 121W|English 180000|Virgin Media [N3]|Cable|English 180000|HD Germany [N3]|19.2E|German 183411|HD Germany [N3]|19.2E|German 188011|HD Germany [N3]|19.2E|German 180000|RCS Di Gi TV [N4 ROM180]|0.8W|Romanian 182011|RCS Di Gi TV [N4 ROM180]|0.8W|Romanian 182111|RCS Di Gi TV [N4 ROM180]|0.8W|Romanian 182113|RCS Di Gi TV [N4 ROM180]|0.8W|Romanian 0E0000|Fox-Retevision-NBATV-ESPN-HBO [Power VU]|Various|Various 0E0001|Fox-Retevision-NBATV-ESPN-HBO [Power VU]|Various|Various 0E0002|Fox-Retevision-NBATV-ESPN-HBO [Power VU]|Various|Various 0E0003|Fox-Retevision-NBATV-ESPN-HBO [Power VU]|Various|Various 223B:000000|Bundestag [CODIcrypt]|23.5E|German 22E0000|National TV [CODIcrypt]|16.0E|Romanian 22F0000|*TV B92 [CODIcrypt]|16.0E|*OLD* 4A0000|*Redlight CAM 5 Channels [Neotion SHL]|13.0E - 5.0W|*OLD* 4A0000|*Redlight CAM 5 Channels [Neotion SHL]|13.0E - 5.0W|*OLD* 4A0000|*In X Plus [Neotion SHL]|13.0E|*OLD* 4AA0000|JSC Sport [Key Fly]|26.0E - 13.0E - 7.0W|Sport 4ABF:000000|Redlight CAM 4 Channels [Neotion SHL]|13.0E - 5.0W|Porn 4AE0000|Tricolor TV [DRE-Crypt]|36.0E - 56.0E|Russian 4AE0000|Tricolor TV [DRE-Crypt]|36.0E|Russian 4AE1: FFFFFF|Tricolor TV [DRE-Crypt]|36.0E|Russian 4AE0013|Penthouse HD [DRE-Crypt]|9.0E|Porn 4AE0014|Platforma HD [DRE-Crypt]|9.0E|Russian 4AE0015|Platforma HD [DRE-Crypt]|9.0E|Russian 4AE0000|Platforma HD [DRE-Crypt]|9.0E|Russian 4AE0014|Platforma HD [DRE-Crypt]|9.0E|Russian 550000|Bulsatcom - Athina Sat [Bul Crypt & Griffin]|39.0E|Bulgarian - Cypriot 550000|Bulsatcom - Athina Sat HD [Bul Crypt & Griffin]|39.0E|Bulgarian - Cypriot 560000|ABS-CBN [Veri Matrix]|5.0W|Philippine 0SCAN.

SEVER [reader] label = AQUI PUEDES PONER EL NOMBRE QUE QUIERAS protocol = cccam device = NOMBRE DE LA LINEA Y PUERTO ejemplo yo,11000 user = AQUI EL USUARIO password = AQUI LA CONTRASEA inactivitytimeout = 30 group = 1 dropbadcws = 1 cccversion = 2.1.4 cccmaxhops = 2 ccckeepalive = 1 OSCAM.

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