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While rinsing off some apples for the lunch sacks Pamela looked out her kitchen window across her back yard to Bess' house. Pam knew that Bess wouldn't wake until mid-morning.

Bess didn't have any children to make breakfast for, and her husband had left her several years ago.

She would have liked to rub out the knots in her calves, but she didn't want to wake Bill.

So she softly rubbed the muscles she could reach without too much movement.

She ran her hands up to the juncture of her legs and found that her pubic hair was wet.Still the sight of him shaking his soft cock had gotten Pam's nipples hard and she could feel a tingling in her groin.Pam dropped the towel while her husband was in the shower and gave her body a quick once over.Shutting the door she turned on the shower and stripped off her sleep shirt.Under the hot spray Pam finally was able to rub out the soreness of her calves and feet.

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