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In one scene, George licks his new girlfriend's face!

Emma explains: "It's kind of an ode to Lady and the Tramp.

Ace Showbiz - Emma Watson and William "Mack" Knight are no longer an item.

The pair have broken up after nearly two years of dating.

Then the rumors circulated about her love affair with Spanish rocker Rafael Cebrian.

The actress insisted, though, Cebrian and she were just a good friends.

Many months ago, Emma Watson, 21, denied she was dating her costar Johnny Simmons, 24. and the film cameras, reportedly, were not rolling. She said that she would ask her friends why a particular boy hadn't called and they'd tell her it was "probably because they're intimidated." She also noted that prospective dates "feel they have to knock me down" by making fun of her first.

I would hate anyone that I were with to feel like they were in any way part of a show or an act." That didn't stop news outlets from digging up their relationship, though.

It was previously reported that things had gone serious between them as William had introduced the actress to his parents.

However, Emma kept their relationship private as the actress previously told Vanity Fair that she didn't want her personal life to intertwine with her professional life.

"I want to be consistent; I can't talk about my boyfriend in an interview and expect people not to take paparazzi pictures of me walking around outside my home. "I've noticed, in Hollywood, who you're dating gets tied up into your film promotion and becomes part of the performance and the circus.

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