Dating your diet

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Generally speaking, diets high in carbohydrates are good for building muscle and bulking up.

If you follow this diet, and don’t cheat, you can expect to lose roughly a pound of fat a day.Some people think it’s horrible for you, some say it’s great for you…well in this article, I’m going to expose the truth about the steak and eggs diet.about dieting, such as that you need protein to build muscle, or that saturated fat is good for boosting testosterone, but beyond simple statements like this, we can’t say much.But when you only eat fats and protein, you don’t boost insulin very much…meaning it’s WAY easier to shred fat, but harder to build muscle. You don’t have any starches, any fruit, or even any vegetables…just pure steak and eggs. The steak and eggs diet is phenomenal for putting you into a state of ketosis, which is why a lot of people use it to get lean.The steak and eggs diet is just what it sounds like. What it is NOT good for, however, is building muscle as a hardgainer. You don’t eat for the first 8 hours of your day, which is effectively intermittent fasting. Those are your only two meals a day—pure steak and eggs.

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