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But rumour has it that retailers complained about the system because their customers could quickly spot old stock lines.So in 1988 Hermle adopted a letter code starting with A (see the table below right), so the letter 'O' denotes 2002, and so on, restarting in 2014 with AA.

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Fortunately, because of the efficiencies of large scale Chinese production, it can cost less to fit a new Hermle movement than to overhaul an existing one, especially if the mainsprings need changing.This is helpful because stripping and rebuilding a clock is time-consuming and therefore expensive, so it can be avoided.At just £100, it all adds up to much less than a fully stripped service, though there is no guarantee because even in an ultrasonic tank with the best cleaning fluids, a fully assembled clean cannot remove every trace of dirt.Simply narrow down your search via keyword or location, and alongside a detailed product description, we’ll provide all the pertinent contact details for the associated member antique dealer so you can proceed with an enquiry or a purchase.Because Online Galleries strictly operates in line with a large number of international trade associations, our customers can have complete confidence that the antique clocks that are advertised within our galleries are authentic, and that the member antique dealers we work with are of the highest esteem.

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