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Only two of the lead regional fundraising roles, of which there are at least eight, have been given to staffers from Clinton's last run: Yaël Ouzillou, who is based in Texas, will handle the South Central, and Jon Adrabi, a Florida fundraiser, will oversee the Southeast.The finance operation is one that will be notably "flat," according to fundraisers and donors briefed on the team that Cheng is said to still be assembling.The super regionals, according to sources familiar with the hires, include: in the Northeast, Kathy Gasperine, of Obama's policy arm, Organizing for Action; in the Midwest, Marcus Switzer, who worked on Obama's reelection; in the Mid-Atlantic, Angelique Cannon, former finance director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; in the Northwest, Lindsay Roitman, a fundraiser for Sen.

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(There may be a finance committee, a source said, with members chosen based solely on performance.)The set-up leaves Cheng to oversee the national picture and the team of super regionals, while also handling relationships with the biggest donors and "bundlers," the high-powered supporters who volunteer to raise money from other donors.Assignments include the Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northwest, Southwest, South Central, Southeast, and the Tri-State area around New York.Those fundraisers plan to each oversee deputies assigned to states and cities.(Foundation officials are said to be about million away from meeting the endowment goal.They ultimately hope to raise 0 million.)Cheng left the foundation last month to help prepare for the presidential race.

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