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The earliest evidence of life comes from disordered graphite inclusions of zircons from Western Australia, with a high C content, consistent with a biogenic origin, that formed 4.1 billion tears ago (Bell et al. This date is highly significant, since the oldest direct evidence for the presence of surface waters are slightly younger ca.

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It is clear that this unique piece of genetic software engineering evolved in LUCA because the wobble positions of three other essential amino acid t-RNAs, lysine, glutamine and glutamic acid (those with two wobble positions XAA-XAG, the fourth set being amber and ochre stop codons), all depend on a modified 2-seleno-uridine base to function and this has to be generated from selenophosphate, which in turn is generated by selenophosphate synthetase.It is this tree which represents the climax fruitfulness of the biosphere and the genetic foundation of our existence, embracing not just higher Eucaryotes, plants, animals and fungi, but Protista, Eubacteria and Archaea, the realm, including the extreme heat and salt-loving organisms, which appears to lie almost at the root of life itself.The notion of a tree of evolution veertically down te generations has become complicated by evidence for promiscuous horizontal gene transfer and for genetic symbiosis at the root of the eucaryote tree.This article is a fully referenced research review to overview progress in unraveling the details of the evolutionary Tree of Life, from life's first occurrence in the RNA-era, to humanity's emergence and diversification, through migration and intermarriage.The Tree of Life, in biological terms, has come to be identified with the evolutionary tree of biological diversity.

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