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“What I am saying is, all games are bad,” he writes.“Living life by saying what you fee, and acting on it – that is a code, not a rule.The guys, he said, all got along despite the romantic competition, and the reality show experience was great. “I had the best time of my life.” Thompson, who co-owns Faith Cattle Co.in Geneva County with business partner Chad Houck, moved to Geneva six years ago.Thompson described the day he let his mother read the manuscript: “My poor mother, she read it, I brought it down to her one night, it was about ten o’clock, and she read it all night long. The next day she called me and she said, ‘I stayed up all night and read your book, and I was going to come see you, but my eyes are all swollen up ‘cause I’ve been crying all night.’ It touched the heart, you know.”There’s an irony to all the exposure Thompson has gotten.

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Thompson recently estimated that he had received something like 4,000 e-mails by the time the third episode aired.And secondly because Thompson has no use for anything like“strategy” when it comes to matters of the heart.With support from co-author Andrew Glassman, the executive producer of “Sweet Home Alabama,” Thompson recently published “The Cowboy Code: How a Lady Should Be Treated, and How to Get Your Man to Treat You the Cowboy Way.” As Thompson makes clear very early on in the book, to his way of thinking there’s a very big difference between a code and a set of rules.He grew up in Winter Garden, Fla., on his family’s cattle ranch. But as Orlando continued to stretch out, the area around Winter Garden became more suburban than country.“The country I lived in began to disappear,” Thompson said.

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