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Halloween in Alaska brings vicious crosswinds that wreak havoc on Era's small planes.

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Ferno and Ariel prepare an Eskimo feast for returning pilot John Ponts and the week ends with an icy plunge into the Unalakleet River.

The show features the Tweto family from Unalakleet, Alaska who run the Alaska airline Era Alaska. The show also features other segments from their bases in Barrow, Deadhorse, and other places.

In the frigid Alaskan town of Unalakleet, the Twetos and their family-run airline Era Alaska Aviation battle the arctic elements to transport supplies and passengers to some of the most inaccessible spots in North America.

John Ponts fights heavy turbulence and angry passengers on a flight through the Nulato Hills.

Jim and Ferno leave the terminal in the hands of the pilots, and Sarah's flight to rescue a villager lost in a storm turns into a battle for her own survival.

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