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Jd_lark agreed but offered a more flexible way to use the Screen Updating property.I set it to false at the start of the macro and reset it to True at the end.Either I had no solution to offer or your message fell through a crack.I no longer take consulting work from readers, but I can help you find a good developer or consultant.Ditto Head St L suggested #13 after reading 12 do's and don'ts for communicating effectively via email.He created a rule that delays all outgoing email for eight minutes.Officetrain had a few items to add to the toolkit: HDMI and VBA cables and adapters for connecting to a laptop or television or even an old-fashioned projector if that's all you've got.

Tom’s Tutorials for Excel: Color the active cell, row, or column. Press Alt Q to return to the worksheet, then select a few cells to see the effects of the code. Excel displays the Format Control dialog box, on which you should select the Properties tab. The Properties tab of the Format Control dialog box. _____________________________________________________________________3. Header row with a userform “Data Sheet Controls” with various command buttons.Just click the radio button that reflects the behavior you want for the control—in most cases you'll click Don't More or Size with Cells. Prevents command buttons from moving and/or resizing.Gary uses a lot of buttons to trigger macros in his workbooks, and for some reason they move all over the place and resize themselves.He wonders why this happens and how he can stop it.

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